We are incredibly excited for this event! Spread the word! See you there!!!!


PMF IV posters, a labor of love. Get fucking stoked, cause we are. 

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Open Space is pleased to announce the Fourth Annual Publications and Multiples Fair on March 9 and 10, 2013. This annual event is a celebration and survey of artist publications, prints, and objects produced in multiple. This year’s fair promises a wide variety of publications and objects by over 50 independent publishers, galleries and artists from Baltimore and abroad. The fair is free and open to the public. 


D Center, 16 West North Avenue, Baltimore, MD, 21218
March 9 & 10, 12 PM – 6PM Saturday & Sunday

Featured Vendors:

Anya Davidson
Arts & Sciences Projects
Baltimore Print Studios
Brian Blomerth
Caitlin Williams
Chloe Maratta
Chris Day
Conor Stechschulte
Current Space
Dale Beran
David Vu
Domino Books
Dylan Thadani
Eamon Espey
Emily Burtner
Family Family Tree
Friends Records
Fukt Magazine
Gary Kachadourian
Get Lost
Ginevra Shay
Guest Spot/The Reinstitute
Half Letter Press
Hannah Mandel
James Bouché
Jen Liu
Jessica Hans
Joe Sturm 
Jordan Sondler
Lale Westvind
Litho Shop
Matthew Thurber
Mia Peterson
Mike Taylor
Milano Chow
Molly O’Connell
Mothers News
Nate Grossman
Nikholis Planck
Open Space
Otto Splotch
Public Collectors
R.M. O’Brien
Rachel Younghans
Rebus Books
Red Emma’s
Revival House Press
Sans Comics
Schematic Q
Slow Youth
Stephen Booth
Suzie Zak
Swill Children
Temporary Services
The Kingsboro Press
Too Temporary Collective
Travis Hallenbeck
Weird Magazine

Featured Programming:

Mothers News: A Brief History Of America’s Greatest Newspaper 
Jacob Berendes, editor of Mothers News (Providence, RI)

Collecting the Contemporary Publication
Tony White leads a panel discussion on collections of unique and special artist publications from a library/institutional perspective.
Tony White, Director, Decker Library, Maryland Institute College of Art (Baltimore, MD)
Heather Slania, Director of the Betty Boyd Dettre Library and Research Center, National Museum of Women in the Arts (Washington DC)
Jill Luedke, Art Subject Specialist, Temple University (Philadelphia PA)

Superman vs. Deconstructive Analysis: Who Would Win?
In this panel discussion, renowned Superman experts will address the problem of Superman head on, and also from the sides, in an encirclement maneuver he will not be expecting involving historical, scientific, literary, and philosophical analysis. Free to attend, but a great price will be paid by those who forget the words spoken on this day.
Ben O’Brien, Showbeast, Wham City Comedy Tour (Baltimore, MD) 
Dale Beran, creator of A Lesson Is Learned But The Damage Is Irreversible, The Nerds of Paradise (Baltimore, MD)
Paul Nestadt, MD, Dept. of Psychiatry, Johns Hopkins Medical Institute (Baltimore, MD) 

Additional Lectures
Jason T. Miles, comics artist, editor and publisher (Seattle, WA)
Ginevra Shay, artist, curator, and photo archivist (Baltimore, MD)

Additional Readings
Matthew Thurber, renowned cartoonist (Brooklyn, NY)
Rupert Wondolowski, owner of Normal’s Books & Records (Baltimore, MD)



Floristree, 405 West Franklin Street, Baltimore, MD 21201
Saturday March 9, 10:30PM

Screening: Freak Flash curated by Molly Colleen O’Connell / 10:30 PM

Drain the fluids from your eyes, these are not hallucinations. Energy is physical. Visions are palpable. Freak Flash is a program of animated shorts, showcasing artists who stir the surreal into waking life. 

Featuring works by: 
Brenna Murphy
Daniel Leyva
James Mercer
Jodie Mack
Lale Westvind
Peter Larsson
Sabrina Rette
Sally Cruikshank
Wendy Vain

DJ Sets: DJ Richard Prince Paul, DJ Juwanna Man, and more TBA / 11:30 PM

Stay tuned for more updates!


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